2.2 Stargate - Master Kuthumi and Goddess Ishtar

2: 2 Love's stargate

Initiation in the cardiac chakra, in the 7th dimension, of the soulmate

“The Way of Cupid

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If you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply still the mind; find a comfortable place where you are not disturbed, connect with the Spirit Energy and try to reconnect as you please. This will be automatically facilitated by your superior being for your greatest good.

* * * * *

I am Kuthumi and I come upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet you and give you the blessings of unconditional love, compassion, divine knowledge and blessing, beloved ones, who will sustain you in the practice of what you preach and consequently, be able to share your more refined enlightenment with all mankind, to share it with everyone with those who come into contact with true love, and in this way, with the true essence of love that is alive within you.

Greetings, Beloved

Regards, Mr. Kuthumi

It is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we meet with you on this day as we hold each one of you here, firmly, in the Heart of Christ and surely in the Hands of God.

Beloved, we welcome you to this magnificent space even again, while this day we give you a message of love. This message is delivered by the Goddess Ishtar of whom they are aware. But to begin with that we need to share with you that there are three aspects of love that can never be separated, and they are: love in itself, love in the constant hope of this, and faith that never decays to create this.

There is completely a misconception in your world, because more than two thirds of the world's population have been raised without any knowledge of the true power of love because they will see, love forms the upper cornerstone within the tetrahedron (polyhedron of four triangular faces) of everything in creation. The two lower cornerstones, as some may know, are formed by infinite particles of light that you also know as Adamantine Particles. And there is the third aspect of the other lower corner, the one that takes the form of the Spirit. Now, love is an energy that humanity feels is something different from what you believe, because beloved, love is an energy that most of you, and many similar to you, were raised believing that it is something that you believe.

You are unique beings, loving your parents, growing in a state of love and recognition for what your parents are teaching you. Then you move and create another kind of love for your teachers and your peers and those of authority, who gently guide you through your lives during the school and training period, which then change in your years of higher education at the university., the years of intense study, which we refer to as the years in which the pieces of the puzzle of knowledge come together because you already, by then, have the basis of knowledge for when you move in those years. And again from that aspect of love they move into a relationship, marriage or perhaps a love affair or merely as a partner within the bond of a loving friendship, be it within your own life or the life you share with others, no matter. What does matter is that the belief systems, which are being created in this beautiful Gaia need to be altered, need some revision.

Because in fact the essence of love is not to be created, but activated. Love is in everything and everywhere. No matter the anger that is expressed through some. It does not matter the blasphemy they feel, if they are not able to give themselves full love and trust in the One who created them. Consequently, until I, Kuthumi, return to complete this morning's initiation with you, I must leave you with these words: every man who is inside your prisons who has taken the liberty of taking away someone else's life is love. Every individual who is walking on the streets that has lost the ability to be able to love himself, there is still love left.

Please sit straight, relax and wrap yourself in a magnificent magenta-pink energy, the energy field of Goddess Ishtar, and once your message is completed I will return with you. Adonai

DI: I am Ishtar, friends; My friends, I welcome you.

P: Thank you.

DI: I asked to introduce myself to deliver a message of love, yes?

Q: Yes.

DI: Very well, then, what is love? Can anyone share it with us? Don't tell me your relationship with televisions (laughs). What is love for you?

Q: (not understood) ... and share it with someone.

DI: Yes, very well, someone else.

Q: Just be.

DI: Well, that's an intricate aspect of love, just being. It's a very difficult job for humans, isn't it?

Q: Yes.

DI: Why is that? Why can't you just be, always having to relax yourself in and out of situations? It's not like that?

Q: Yes.

DI: And they have come to hear a message of love, a message of love from the soulmate. I am Ishtar; I am the goddess of the sun and the moon, the stars and love. I, along with my sisters, have come to give you a message of divine love this day. Maybe some thought we brought your soulmates with us?

P: Yes.

DI: They're outside, we won't tell them in which galaxy, but they're out there (laughs). My friends, the message that I have come to initiate in each of you this day, is first of all to find the full and true aspect of love within you. If they don't find it, then how do I ask them, how can they recognize it in another? Is that a possibility, yes? NO, it is not. Thus, humanity, my friends, always believes that something incredible is going to happen to you, isn't it?

P: Yes.

DI: They're always waiting, right? For that incredible love, that explosion of excitement that will come to you, isn't it? Yes That is why I have always advocated the powers of touch, have I not? Yes Do you remember it?

P: Yes.

DI: Very well, because only through the power of being touched can one understand what it is to touch another. Although there is another powerful aspect of you that touches the heart of every man, woman and child on this planet within the living realms of mankind and everything else, can anyone share it?

P: The mind.

DI: The voice, my friends, is the audible expression of the human. Your voice can touch each heart through expression as it is carried through the sound waves of universal laws. The mind, as our beloved sister said, is really a very powerful and unique gift; if they allow it, it has the ability to take them to a wild hunt that can often result in nothing because the mind said this, not that. The mind also communicates in infinity, although the voice carries the expression of the four lower chakras. Now I would like each of you to say hello aloud. (They all say). How are that? Fantastic, right? Do you like the sound of your own voice? (laughs) not always (laughs). Well, dear sister, the situation is as follows. Your voice carries the expression of your four lower energy centers, so if you don't like the sound of your voice, then there is something at the bottom of your energy systems with what that you are not completely comfortable, so tell me.

Q: No comments.

DI: That is a good way out so to speak (laughs).

Q: If one is upset, then your voice is not very pretty.

DI: So, you're expressing anger, aren't you?

P: Yes

DI: We only understand love, sister, so we will not go there (laughs). There are better things to express about it than to scream. When you are angry, sister, the voice is expressed through low vibrations within the basal centers and solar plexus; consequently, when you are angry, someone who knows you well will tell you: you know, you sound like your mother (shrieks of laughter). It is usually the husband's response, and this is after you have spent your entire life swearing that you will never be like your mother or father (laughs). And what happened, life happened. The first levels of the four lower chakras is what happened and today, my friends, today I am here as the Goddess who goes further back than the days of Babylon or Babylon n as they know it, to give them the gift of love.

Love on this planet has many, many different meanings. As Master Kuthumi has shared with you, the concept of love on this planet has been misunderstood to the point that most people do not even have a remote awareness of their love, nor of the deep meaning, true essence and understanding. of love Today I am here to share it with you.

Dear friends, my energy field does not extend itself in this way frequently, I am the goddess who works with humanity, helping her to overcome the issues in your lives that have to do with love; I help you connect with being and doing so, overcome your inability to connect your love of being with another. You believe that life is incomplete unless you have someone by your side, right? Who can be honest?

P: Silence. Some whisper yes.

Q: I think it would be nice to have someone there.

DI: Good answer.

The conditioning of the human mind has undergone many phases and we are pleased to share that the current phase of human conditioning is facing an evolution in the heart. Thanks to heaven, the time has come since humanity has been raised for a long time, believing that love is a limited energy that needs to be created, and they heard that this is false, since love IS. Love on this planet was not supposed to be a selling point. It is an energy, love, dear friends, is an Essence of the Creator, which gives itself to create, and in your case tangible as humans, or as a flower, or an animal, birds, trees, no matter what. Love is an essence that is being extended to you within the realms of the earth as an invisible vital force and that, dear friends, is a life force to which you 'have to wake up'. It is not something that you go and believe, it is already in you, and all you need to do is wake up to it, express it, and that is where problems commonly begin, because humanity feels somewhat shy and silly to be able to move forward with an expression of how much they love each other, not even thinking about loving another. Sounds familiar?

Q: Yes.

DI: So I will invite you to recover the power in your hands and this year find that essence of love within you. This year (2008) you will experience my presence frequently, as one of the Goddesses along with others and the Goddess Isis, to bring a balance of love, using every aspect of your love to help them love themselves and thus reach the stars. We are going to assist you in taking the love that you are and leaving, without retaining anything, and being so damn proud of yourself when you accept your own love in spite of all things. We are going to assist you to love being against all things of every other person who decides differently, against anyone who opposes you, telling you that you are not of love. Truth be told, love is an essence that cannot be destroyed, so if you have brought a specific vibration of opposition to one's own being or to another, this does not mean that you do not understand the vibration of inner love, nor does it mean that you do not You have love within you, and by the way, for those who have lost it completely, we are not talking about romantic love now.

We speak of the Essence of love, dear friends, which expresses that no matter what you have created in this world, no matter what you have done to yourself or others, there will always be love for you because you cannot be anything other than love.

One of the problems of this plane is the fact that through the human condition they have been raised to believe that if there is no duplication of your energy fields that they call a partner of some kind, then they really are not love, because there is something radically wrong with you, because to that they have been conditioned. If you cannot be with someone who gives you love, then you are not love, and you cannot understand love, what a ridiculous deception. Now this is one of the truths that will be revealed in this year and I, the Goddess Ishtar, will return to work with all humanity clearing this energy during the month of May, as never before. I will shake you out of your denial boots if I have to, because you are going to fall in love with yourself as you have never experienced before. Now, isn't this stimulating? Laughs

The longing for another part of one's being, my friends, is often caused, as I explained, by indoctrination. It is frequently caused by lack of understanding and more predominantly by denial and the inability of one's acceptance, much less self-esteem.

So they have grown up in a society where love was conditioned, right? I love you if ... I will love you because ... If you do that I cannot love you. It's not like that?

P: Gently yes.

DI: Possess it, be it, love yourself through it. So you grew up in those incredible homes, some quite fabulous on this planet of you, full of luxuries and electricity ...

P: Not with Eskom lately (shrieks of laughter). (Eskom was an American power company that went bankrupt for fraud.)

DI: Brother, that's your problem, not ours (laughs). Their houses equipped with hot water and comfort, driving luxurious cars. Do you remember the car in the garage meditation?

Q: Yes.

DI: Well, don't forget it (previously, Ishtar guided an analogous meditation working with the dream car to create the dream future). So you think you live your lives in love, you have your wonderful parents, and as you grow up a situation develops between you and another person you met, maybe in a dance, in a shopping gallery, or maybe walking through a park, and immediately feel somewhat agitated, that throbbing with force and whispers "I love you, love me". Both come together and a change of energy happens, which you think is through the heart, but as time passes you realize that it was going through the heart, somewhat below or somewhat above, avoiding the heart, it's not like that?

Q: Yes.

DI: It is part of life, sparks growth, finding love, so love yourself through these accomplishments. So they have their partner, sitting on the couch holding hands, exchanging kisses, laughing, smiling and so excitedly happy because they have found each other; how entertaining, but again, this is life on earth and it is amazing. So they take this person home to meet their parents. If you are a girl, you take the boy home and hide while your father gives him a look to decide if he is good enough for his daughter. "Yes boy, where do you live? What do you do? Who are your parents? What do they do? Where do they work?" Isn't that so?

Q: Softly, some say yes.

DI: You are the parents, so share it with me.

Q: Yes!

DI: Very well, at least we are not lost, they know him better than me. So your love starts with the partner. If you are a boy and you take your beloved home and you must be content with your mother's response, “you are not going to marry that girl” (laughs), “who is she ?, where does it come from?”… This continues until they decide that it's good enough for you, and you jump for joy, don't you? They accept it, maybe they cried and sobbed, kicking if they don't accept it at the entrance.

Then your love begins and for a time they are the proud owners of small aspects of love (laughs), one, two, three, it depends; and they love and love their partner until one day, love leaves them. They arrive home and have a love letter explaining that love has been absent because he decided to leave, he doesn't love them anymore. Love decided not to be more part of your reality. Now love decided not to love them, how original. So, my question for you is, what happened to the original essence of love? They grew up with love, "fell in love", argued with your parents or reasoned with them for the right and wrong reasons to be married through this love, then they gave love, an aspect of excitement, which has the ability to multiply itself same forming small extensions of love of yourselves, and one good day, love said I'm not here anymore. Now I ask you, why does love decide to leave?

Q: Because expectations were not met.

DI: Sister, you are intelligent, this is a very intelligent answer, but listen to my words: there was no love to begin with; Right. There was no true love to begin with, because the essence of the seed of love, which is within each and every one of you, did not know the essence of the other half of the seed of love which is the soul mate aspect of those who were searching.

Having said all this before, I continue, make sure if you are in the love market to not necessarily just look for someone who is similar to who you are, but more than that, someone who believes the balance in him. I leave this thought with you. Make sure you are not only looking for someone who understands them, but someone who can love them passionately, and so they can give back love passionately. Someone with whom to share an expression of your love in full understanding, and that is the spark of the Divine Creator that extends itself and is seen in the magnificent brightness of your eyes. The eyes are the windows of the soul, they want to know your love, find it in the look of their eyes.

So, coming back, let us then say that you classified the differences of lost love with your beloved one, you resolve the differences and your love ties grow becoming quite loving as you grow and the two of you continue walking along the path. of love

Moreover, there is that seed within you that knows that there is something that is not quite right, there is that vivid desire for the magic of being able to look at someone's eyes and know of their love. There is that impulse that never ceases and that takes you on a journey pushing every limit of every belief system that you never considered, just to prove to yourself the value of your love. This is the month of love, so, folks, if I mentioned something so far that rang a bell out there, remember that they are love in expression.

Thus life goes on, their loves have bonds of love of themselves (their grandchildren) family love grows and flourishes as much as love allows and your little loves (children) who now have bonds of love of themselves, go out and with often they establish themselves to become every thing they set out to be, becoming everything you said they would never be, as a mother, as a daughter, as a father, as a son, because they took the spark of the original seed that educated and formed them long before they could decide otherwise. You simply become the love you know, until you decide to change it and thank God, there are many of you who have come here to change this. So you and your beloved are in the middle years, 50, 60, 60, have their loves with their love ties, sit on the couch, as always, keeping busy with hobbies, maybe weaving, and their husbands are always with their faces tucked in the box (TV). They share the same sofa, with an empty place between them, looking at each other thinking, did I miss something? (laughs); Who are you?

My friends, the reason I shared this story in this way, is for you to realize that all that has been taught by your peers and parents about love is not completely true. Love is an essence that cannot be easily described in earthly language, it is an understanding shared between you and a beautiful flower, it is the bond of compassion between you and another. Each of you has this compassion, the connection of inner love between you and your great love of all time, that you are constantly yearning for and in reality what you are looking for is to your superior being in human form. There is none, no one who knows you better and loves you more than that aspect of yourself that you gave yourself for yourself, to be able to sit here and be the loving bonds that you they are, because that same higher being has many other bonds of love, as you know, my friends. So, this is the inner part within the being that constantly seeks and craves someone else to come only to unite the other half of your heart, and the true reality of this is that the energy That which feeds your constant search can only be fully satisfied by your inner discovery of your higher self. Many people on this planet never dance with their soulmates, and if you have a soulmate and believe you have found it, please consider yourself extremely blessed, because opportunities are scarce, not impossible, but questionable.

Thus, the essence of love needs to be taught within your education system at new levels; agree. The understanding of love, which is you, needs to be shared and not indoctrinated. The knowledge that will empower them to be the essence of the love they are, that needs to be lived.

My friends, love is not something you talk about, then forget it, and discover it again. The essence of love and the understanding of the true origin of love, which you are, is an accomplishment within which you need to live at all times. Many of the races on your planet, especially those that live on the shores of the sea, to the east, are very successful in many ways; the reason for being is that they have begun to connect gently with the essence of what universal love is. The only problem is that they have not fully connected with their powers. They have realized that everything is connected, so love reigns supremely within the ether of the whole Light. They realize that everything is bound by respect, although they still cannot associate the fact that love is in everything, it is a predominant rule of energy within them as well.

They have a love for the things of the world, and be sure that I am NOT saying this from a materialistic point of view, but much from a co-creative perception point of view. They respect the love for the essence of what they can feel and know that it is manifested spirit, and because that is so, all that is tangible are adamantine particles in manifested reality, and because of this, they know that everything is sacred, However, when they are asked to show the expression of their hearts to each one, they often remain mute at the fact that they have one heart for another, much less express compassion in a loving and romantic way to their partners and brothers. . And having said all this we will not even touch your sensitivity.

So the essence of love, beloved friends, is a surprising truth that asks you to begin to remove every denied aspect of being to which you have so desperately adhered, because you thought it was the right thing to do. Because they thought it was right, to the extent that they were led to believe that it was the right thing to do, and it is not completely so. So this year they will be working with my energy field on regular bases asking them to remove the layers of your onion, layer by layer of all the illusions that have hindered you, undressing the being of each piece of useless information and to embrace only that which is in support of your greatest good.

This year they will be asked to face every belief system they have received within the arena of love, be the love for your work, another person, your parents, your situation in life, and all this will be done by activating new levels of love found within being and you will LOVE yourself first. This year brings the stamped energy of a new beginning and creates, as you know (vibration 1); and what better way to start than creating foundations again. So I, Ishtar, I ask each of you to take a very good look at your belief systems of love. To end with the facade that what they believe should be, and with that embrace the truth that love is an energy, an invisible quantum particle, the Light that emanates like any other energy directly from the Heart of the Creator. Since the Creator kept moving forward and created everything in love, the energies of greed and yearning came alive here, changing the original paradigm in a low thinking way.

We are not judging you, at all, in fact my friends, how we admire you ... brave souls, you wonderful brave souls when you come here, forget who you are, while playing this game running around, tripping over each other, and fearing being loving, not to mention to another, the being. How courageous of you to put on this veil of oblivion and come here and pretend that you are nothing. How touching this is, how touching.

Come with me, on a magical journey, feel very comfortable. (Pause…)

And now, please, close your eyes, trust me ... can you?

Q: Yes.

DI: Sit straight, be comfortable and forgiving, dear friends. Pause…

If they are hot, visualize yourself in a cool breeze; It will refresh them. Very good. (The room suddenly became very wet and hot).

DI: I want you to imagine that it is night, there is not a cloud in sight, apart from a flashing attire that is reflected from the night sky. Pause…

Go to a park; Listen to the little birds returning to their nests at dusk. Perceive all small animals, while also preparing to sleep at night's rest. Pause…

Become aware of the sounds of those who are awake, the crickets giving their opinions along with the little frogs; Walk through this beautiful park under the night sky. Further on, in the distance, there is a large Malachite Earthenware (of beautiful green color) with a heart shape. It is huge, obtained from the finest quality malachite. (The Malachite brings the new 7th Dimension Heart Chakra Vibration). Now, walk to that earthenware that shines under the night sky, entering the top where both lobes meet, do you follow me?

Q: Yes.

DI: Very well, stay on the earthenware where the two curved parts of the upper heart meet, look up and embrace the sparkling diamonds of the night sky above you. Pause…

Embrace the beauty, the amazing and the love of this Creation and the diamond attire that waters within your field of vision, as far as the eyes can see. Pause…

Feel the Indigo energy all around you. Pause…

Now, be aware that directly in front of you, where the lower part of the heart is forming a point, there is someone standing. Pause…

I know that this may prove difficult for some, but try not to project a familiar image in that person, try not to visualize that being as a specific person, facing them through the extended heart, try not to project that energy as someone who They would like to create for yourselves. Leave it open and let the Universe decide who that is, while I ask you now to slowly approach, step by step, towards that being and she / he does the same towards you; take your time. Pause…

As they face each other, now look only in their eyes, see the love within them, reflecting your inner love. Do not see anything else. Do not try or seek to give it a shape or appearance, just focus on those penetrating eyes, returning your look of love. Pause…

Now, walk closer to each other, until you are so close that you can perceive the warmth of your breath. Pause…

Now, bending your elbows, place the palms of your hands facing each other at a certain distance from each other. Then I turn them out so that the other can make the connection.

Then, your right palm will touch your left and vice versa. Then, they are facing each other with their palm chakras connected. Pause…

Now lean forward allowing both noses to touch. Pause…

Now lean even more into your energy field by touching both of your foreheads, and while doing so, bend your heads down slightly allowing both fronts to touch the flat part of the skin's surface, and what happens in the momento en que hacen esto, es que las manos se acercan aún más, y un asombroso abrazo de energía se vuelve activo entre ustedes y vuestra alma gemela. Pausa…

Vuestros dedos se entrelazan en un abrazo cálido mientras las huellas de vuestra esencia divina, que está marcada dentro de la piel de los dedos y palmas, se conectan activando sentimientos verdaderos de tacto para ambos. Así que tienen sus huellas digitales entrelazándose con sus signaturas conectándose, su tercer ojo tocándose, al igual que los tabiques nasales, así como las cabezas inclinadas conectando las áreas del tercer ojo; los invito por un momento a sentir esta energía. Sientan el intercambio de compasión y amor incondicional cuando comparten la agudeza de la vista interna (perspicacia) y sabiduría con otro en amor o enamorado. Sientan la esencia del verdadero amor cuando ahora pueden experimentar el toque de vuestras signaturas sagradas. Pausa…

Ahora, mantengan las manos entrelazadas, miren arriba levantando vuestro mentón y de nuevo, véanse a los ojos. Pausa…

Ahora vuestro compañero suelta gentilmente sus manos de las vuestras y las ubica alrededor de vuestra cintura, mientras los acerca más cerca profundamente en su abrazo y mientras lo hacen, ustedes abrazan sus hombros con vuestras manos; muévanlas cruzando su pecho y palpen la flexibilidad de la unión de sus hombros y de la calidez de su pecho con intención. Si vuestro compañero es un hombre, entonces sientan el poder en sus músculos, el poder en sus hombros. Si vuestro compañero es una mujer entonces sientan el poder que pulsa por medio de la suavidad e incluso del tono de su piel. Huelan la gentileza de la esencia de la fragancia que es ella. Pausa… ahora, abrácense uno al otro en un abrazo más estrecho y cálido. Pausa…

Ahora, con vuestro compañero cara a cara, quiero que muy lentamente y con gentileza vayan corriendo vuestras manos hacia abajo por su pecho. Pausa…

Entonces, lentamente crucen por su abdomen, doblando lentamente abajo corran ambas manos a lo largo del frente de sus muslos y más abajo ahuecando su talla, mientras bajan tocando tanto sus pies como los dedos de sus pies. Lleven vuestros dedos moviéndolos entre cada uno de los dedos de los pies, a la vez que gentilmente admiran su forma hermosa. Pausa…

Ahora, mientras están doblados en vuestras caderas dense vuelta con la espalda contra su compañero y lentamente enderecen las piernas parándose; y mientras lo hacen, froten vuestra espalda y nalgas hacia arriba contra las piernas, las rodillas y las caderas del compañero, para entonces enderezarse y así vuestra parte baja de la espalda es metida cerca, contra su abdomen. Sientan la parte alta de la espalda descansando sobre el pecho del compañero mientras los jala cerca. Pausa…

Ahora vuestro compañero mueve sus brazos en torno a ustedes, atrayéndolos aún más mientras los abraza desde atrás sosteniéndolos alrededor del abdomen. Pausa…

Sientan la espalda contra su pecho. Si vuestro compañero es un hombre, entonces sientan el poder en sus pectorales. Si es una mujer, sientan la suavidad de su busto tocándolos. Pausa…

Ahora estiren vuestros brazos hacia arriba buscando el cielo estrechándolos arriba sobre vuestras cabezas. Pausa…

Con los brazos en esta posición, vuestro compañero muy lentamente mueve sus manos desde vuestro abdomen cruzando el pecho. Si ustedes son hombres, siéntanla a ella tocando vuestros pectorales. Si son mujeres aprecien su cariñoso abrazo mientras él gentilmente mueve sus manos cruzando vuestro busto. Pausa…

Las manos de vuestros compañeros ahora descansan sobre vuestras axilas expuestas. En otras palabras energéticamente transfiere su signatura a vuestros nodos auxiliares. Pausa…

Los nodos de debajo de los brazos del sistema linfático, queridos amigos, son nodos de despeje muy potentes. Esta área toma tremenda tensión especialmente con el constante despeje que ocurre dentro de los chakras del corazón y de la garganta. Estos nodos están bajo severa presión causada por el daño y la incapacidad de perdonar y la reacción a esta acción con frecuencia termina en condiciones malignas como el cáncer.

Ahora vuestro compañero despacio pero con mucha seguridad comienza a mover sus manos arriba lejos de esta área despejando de vuestro campo de energía todos los asuntos que los han conducido a creer que ustedes no son amor. Despejan todos los asuntos que les han impedido siempre hacerse de vuestro poder como seres poderosos amorosos. También los remueven de vuestros campos etéricos del auxiliar, mientras empujan sus manos arriba a lo largo de vuestros brazos extendidos, pasando por las mu ecas y hasta la punta de vuestros dedos y muy gentilmente jala esta energ a de vuestras manos, despej ndolos, y liber ndolo a los trabajadores ang licos dentro de los reinos de transmutaci n. Pausa

Ahora es el turno de ustedes. Dense vuelta mirando al compa ero. Sus brazos est n estirados hacia arriba, ahora posan vuestras manos sobre el abdomen del compa ero y lentamente mueven las manos hacia arriba cruzando el pecho, ya sean los pectorales o el busto, y descansan con la signatura de vuestra palma sobre su auxiliar, yv anlo a los ojos. Pausa

Reconozcan el aprecio del compa ero mientras se dedican a remover de l todo eso que los ha conducido a creer que se supone deben ser algo que no son. Todo eso que les ha impedido abrazarlos plenamente a ustedes en vuestra totalidad, todo eso que sienten est desequilibrado dentro de la relaci n con vuestro compa ero actual, todo aquello que les gustar a sanar en vuestra relaci n actual, sea esta vuestro matrimonio, relaci no amor, no importa. Ahora, antes de liberar esta energ a, creen una peque a acci n de bombeo mientras ahuecan las manos sobre vuestro auxiliar y entonces, lentamente, jalen esto arriba y lejos. Sientan la compasi n en vuestras manos, toquen su piel, huelan su fragancia mientras facilitan la remoci n de todos los bloqueos de esta rea. Permitan a esta energ a aclararse para refrescar el flujo de la linfa por el cuerpo a medida que esto tambi n los sostiene creando la mayor sanaci n de las relaciones. J lenlo hacia arriba y afuera y luego gentilmente liberen esa energ a dentro de las dimensiones de la transmutaci n. Pause.

Ahora, ambos bajen sus brazos y simplemente est n cara a cara devolviendo el amor a trav s de los ojos. Ahora van a girar con sus espaldas enfrent ndose uno a otro. Pausa

Estando espalda contra espalda, bajen los brazos de tal manera que sus manos se toquen sosteniendo vuestros dedos a cada lado, giren sus cabezas para el mismo lado con sus mejillas toc ndose y, dependiendo de vuestra flexibilidad, casi con los labios toc ndose. Pausa

Ahora quiero que compartan uno a otro qu es lo que est n buscando en el otro. Los dejar por un rato mientras se susurran magia uno al otro. Pausa muy larga

Ahora, hechas todas las formalidades mientras sienten la sangre bombeando por las venas por un cambio, dense vuelta ym rense otra vez. Pausa

Est n tan cerca uno del otro de tal manera que sus chakras Cr sticos se est n tocando (el estern n, arriba del coraz n). Empujen el pecho dentro del pecho del compa ero o sean concientes de sus pechos a medida que se inclinan dentro de su apretado pecho. Pausa

Ahora, bajen sus manos y ub quenlas detr s de la baja espalda de cada uno, a medida que tiran m s cerca con gentileza palp ndose las nalgas uno al otro. Pausa

Las nalgas, mis amigos, son unas de las reas m s sensibles y descuidadas del cuerpo. El ci tico tiene una vasta colecci n de nervios que alimentan las extremidades inferiores, donde el otro muy intrincado polo opuesto del nervio plexus alimenta la complejidad del cerebro. Las nalgas sostienen el estr sy la tensi n del cuerpo humano, manteni ndolo arriba, manteni ndolo ense ado. La responsabilidad de mantenerlos a ustedes en una postura magn fica, as el estado del ser f sico es compartido por las nalgas y el abdomen. Mucha gente deja que el abdomen salga y con eso tambi n las nalgas. Ahora giren sobre un lado toc ndose uno a otro mientras est n lado a lado. Pausa

Ahora muevan las manos abajo, as cada uno toca al otro en la parte baja de la espalda, y luego mu vanlas m s abajo toc ndose uno al otro en el rea ci tica, all, por arriba de las nalgas. Pausa

La parte superior de las nalgas, como he mencionado, contiene el nervio plexus que influye al ci tico y las extremidades inferiores, as como a las nalgas. El nervio ci tico, amados amigos, con frecuencia causa severo dolor en las nalgas y las extremidades inferiores, especialmente si ustedes no son flexibles ya sea física o emocionalmente. También causa dolor en la parte baja de la espalda debido a un bloqueo dentro del recorrido del nervio o plexus. El nervio ciático que proviene de las nalgas es el nervio menos querido dentro del cuerpo humano y poniendo sus manos sobre el ciático de cada uno, lado a lado, nutriéndose uno al otro la parte menos querida, los invito a salir suavemente de la plataforma de la 7ª dimensión del corazón que fue creada para ustedes. Mientras así lo hacen miren hacia abajo a la magnífica malaquita tocándoles vuestros pies desnudos. Miren a los dedos de los pies ya los mismos pies de vuestro compañero, y entonces échenle una mirada a su cuerpo y siéntanse cómodos dentro de vuestra propia piel.

Ahora, con suavidad, salgan de la energía del corazón mientras se abrazan uno al otro lado a lado y regresen a los jardines de la hermosa noche con los destellantes diamantes, esparcidos a lo largo del cielo sobre ustedes.

Háganse concientes del hecho que todas las experiencias que crearon en sus vidas son las que despertaron vuestro aspecto álmico. Comprendan que los compañeros con los que están son los únicos que han elegido con quien estar, y de verdad no tardará mucho en caer dentro de vuestro favor; son los únicos que pueden cambiar esto, pero sin importar qué, mis amigos, nunca permitan que los regalos de las sensaciones se les escapen.

Soy Ishtar, buen día.

P: Buen día, gracias.

Soy Kuthumi, ¿están un poquito aturdidos? (risas tontas). Amados, es tiempo para la humanidad de avanzar una vez más dentro de la realidad de vuestra propia sensualidad. Es tiempo de que la humanidad revise los términos dentro de los cuales ha creado y sostenido todos los sistemas de creencias dentro de su vida, con los que se ha rodeado y puesto en los senderos de la propia experiencia. Comprendan que un sistema de creencias es solamente una cadena de pensamientos, como dije antes; cuerdas de pensamientos eventualmente actuando juntas como cadenas de pensamientos. Un sistema de creencias es una energía en la que ustedes creen, en otras palabras, una energía con la que trabajan con fe y confianza. Nueve veces de diez, amados, se les presentan estructuras de pensamientos como parte de vuestra educación formativa tanto en la crianza como en la juventud. Casi el 99, 9% de las veces el sistema de creencias inicial que toman son de los de sus pares y padres y de aquellos que los han formado en sus años de formación de vuestras vidas. Así, como han experimentado dentro de los Reinos de la 7ª Dimensión la Sensibilidad y Sensualidad de las más puras y hermosas formas comprendan que eso es lo que han venido a aprender, esas energías incluidas el poder de tocar pueden de veras no ser lo que creyeron que esto es.

La manera más fácil, amados, para el cuerpo humano de marchitarse es aislarlo. El aislamiento, amados, causa decadencia y parte o porción de los sistemas humanos es tocar y ser tocado. Tocar despierta los sistemas eléctricos dentro de la exposición nerviosa. Despierta los receptores de energías no sólo físicas sino también etéricas, al llevar vuestra mano cerca de otra persona se dan cuenta de que no tienen necesariamente que tocarla para ser capaces de sentirla, ¿no?

P: Sí.

MK: En consecuencia, comprendan que tocar no es una energía que los afecta físicamente pero sí mucho más energéticamente y consecuentemente comprendan que si dos o más se juntan de la misma manera, la magia sucede. Si dos o más se juntan dentro de la misma mente preparada ellos crean un milagro asombroso que simplemente se expande, crece y expresa, para finalmente alcanzar todo lo que está más allá de la comprensión humana. La humanidad necesita retornar a los reinos del amor y el tacto. Es tiempo, amados, que muchos en este plano tienen que avenirse a los términos del hecho de que la sensualidad y la sexualidad es parte de la expresión de quienes son y que no hay nada de qué avergonzarse y de veras nada hay que apartar y ocultar.

Abrazando la sexualidad y sensualidad del ser humano es dar un paso adelante comprendiendo que es tiempo de echar un nuevo y buen vistazo a cómo perciben el amor, como hemos explicado durante esta transmisión, el amor es una energía que no pueden crear, solamente es. En algunos casos lo más diabólico de todo es cuando dos personas que no comprenden su amor, no tienen nada en común o tienen un poco o ninguna conexión con “creer” que su amor debería crecer a la perfección.

Amados, el amor es la forma más pura de la Esencia del Creador en expresión. Es extendido a ustedes por medio del océano cósmico de la divina intención. Es ese aspecto de la divina intención que crea toda la vida y sus formas y aunque el esperma y el óvulo tienen que encontrarse para permitir la manifestación de otra fuerza de vida, si no lo es por el amor de Dios, no será y en esa misma nota, la concepción no tiene que ser activada porque la forma humana lo demanda, para nada, de hecho muchos nacimientos están teniendo lugar en todo el mundo por la Divina Intervención donde hay una absoluta imposibilidad de crear otra forma humana dentro de las circunstancias de dos cromosomas no aptos, y aún sucede. Esto es amor. El amor no conoce fin, no tiene condiciones y la receta que estipula “si eres como eso, y si haces eso, podría amarte por eso”. “Si eres como eso, te amaré por esto”. Eso es blasfemia. El amor no conoce fin. Otra verdad es que el amor no tiene opuestos.

El odio no es el opuesto del amor ya que el amor no tiene opuestos. La más sublime energía, el amor más absoluto que ha sido extendido específicamente a este plano para nacer un cuerpo vivo, amados, junto con los otros aspectos que trae la Creación, no conoce opuestos. Nada es más poderoso que el amor. Ningún intento jamás ha llegado tan lejos extendiendo efectos que el amor. Y por ello, dentro de las energías de la 5ª dimensión en la que están ya inmersos y otros están por entrar, si no conocen nada de amor no estarán dentro de esta vibración. Si no pueden amar cada aspecto de ustedes encarnándolo, no será. Si no pueden amar cada sueño, cada deseo, cada esperanza encarnándolo, no se manifestará. Y si no pueden compartir este amor INCONDICIONALMENTE a todo a vuestro alrededor, entonces la vibración en la que viven no es del más puro amor. Será amor condicional de tercera dimensión y eso no es una expresión de amor de la Esencia del Creador.

Por lo tanto, la energía del perdón es tan importante, como la energía de la compasión es tan vitalmente importante, las energías de la verdad y comprensión son importantes, pero por encima de todas las energías de amar al ser, y entonces en consecuencia, amar a todos como el ser, es lo más importante de todo porque al final del día, amados, no importa cómo luzcan a las geometrías de la vida, cuando lo rompen, vuelve a la esencia y esa es la esencia que está en el primer mandamiento que les fue dado por el Gran Maestro Jesús.

Permítanse avanzar en sus vidas, experimentando amor. Dense permiso aquí y anden dentro de los reinos del amor, dejen que cada uno de ustedes sienta la esencia de la verdadera compasión dentro de cada parte de vuestro ser. Permítanse el poder y la gracia de abrazar la luz suprema dentro de ustedes, para crear sólo aquello de más pura vibración de amor dentro de vuestras vidas, a medida que avanzan reclamando la divinidad que ustedes son.

El mes de febrero es el mes del amor y la razón de por qué esto es repetidamente activado en este mes especialmente, amados, es porque encontrarán que el mes que sigue a febrero siempre trae un equilibrio de polaridad masculino/femenino, así como el masculino/femenino dentro de cada ser. Entonces, primero necesitan despertar a la esencia del amor que son ustedes, y una vez que estén cómodos con esta verdad, la comprensión del masculino/femenino dentro de sí cae en su lugar. Podrían ser capaces de verse en el espejo por medio de los ojos del más exquisito amor y comprenderán que ni ahora ni nunca pueden estar solos.

Abrazarán la Esencia de Cristo dentro de ustedes y desearán a otro todo eso que se desean a sí mismos.

Los amamos desde el corazón del Espíritu hacia el corazón de la materia. Dejen que todo siempre esté bien dentro de vuestro mundo. Yo soy Kuthumi, Soy el Chohan del rayo dorado de amor y sabiduría y los saludo y bendigo en amor. Adonai


Canalizado por Chanel Lingenfelder – 2 de febrero de 2008

Translation: Sergio Hache

Edition: Anita Manasse -

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