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The time has come to Recognize who we are and make the union in our heart of our Body and our Soul, so that our Spirit can finally wake up and Alchemy (divine chemistry) is done in us and around us.

About us? We are:




For centuries, the Human Being has “rebelled” against an authority that he himself placed outside of him. This distortion has led us to live from war to war, from suffering to suffering.

It is time to "reveal" our true essence and regain our power, to be able to live in the Joy of who we are, IO, DIO, YO, YOD, I AM, JOSHUA, DIVINOS, DI-VITA, pure Life, pure JOY- GRIAL

WE ARE ALL DIVINE BEINGS, children of Life,

This is our divinity, the one we have forgotten, thinking firmly that we are children of our parent parents, human-animals and continue to behave as such. Struggles of territory, belonging to the clan, sexual manipulations, abuse of power over others, social servitude, annihilation of creativity in schools and universities, obligation to recite and repeat good popular and family traditions….

As we do not know who we are, to be recognized and accepted by others: family, clan, sexual partners, social norms, human laws, spiritual teachers, gurus, political parties, ... we let ourselves be outraged, violate, manipulate, etc. and get SICK.

It is time to re-cor-give * our true lineage of wine: LIFE, Al-ma, our life -giving mother, since it is She who has created our body, who has created

all the bodies of ALL living beings: humans, plants, animals, stones, stars, planets, and other known or unknown beings.

* RE reconnect COR Corazon GIVE: REMEMBER: reconnect with what the Heart gives.


Here is a good question ..!

Life is energy, it is movement, yes but ... what is it really ?:


Anima etymologically means SOUL.

The Soul is the same as Life and this same energy according to traditions, religions, philosophies or cultures, is named in a thousand different ways:

- Lifetime.

- Soul.

- Chi, Qi, Ka.

- Creative, unlimited, immortal energy.

- Almighty because you can create EVERYTHING.

- Omniscient because he "knows" the reason for being, of each being that she is going to create.

- Omnipresent and omnipottent.

- YIN creative feminine energy.

- Divine mother.

- Creative father.

- Divine source.

- God

- Love, A-mor, it really means what doesn't die.




- The body is matter.

- It is the manifestation of the Soul.

Atomic, sub-atomic, electro-magnetic, and other particles are structured and organized to form matter, according to a very precise information transmitted by the Soul.

- The body is limited, it is deadly.

- It's YANG male energy.


So, if all the bodies have been created by Life, by the Soul, by the same essence, I wondered:

- Why are we all different?

A third factor came to clarify to understand who I am.

This factor is the SPIRIT, which for me was an impalpable and fuzzy concept and that has allowed me to deepen the understanding of the words:

- BE




Our evolution goes through the recognition of who we are: body, soul and spirit, the

Trinidad, the tri-unit.

If I do not know who I am, I seek the recognition of the rest and this pilgrimage in search of the recognition of others is the origin of ALL diseases, due to the forgetfulness of oneself.

Behind any disease is FEAR and if we poke behind this fear, we will find a wound of NO recognition.

Afraid of being recognized by the family, the blood clan, the country, ... (base chakra). Fear of not being recognized sexually by the couple, by the children, of not making money, of losing it (sexual chakra).

Fear of not being socially recognized, (plexus chakra).


As human beings we are at a crucial moment of our E-VOL-UCION .

The vibratory changes we are experiencing allow us to find again the lightness necessary to evolve.

We pass from human-animal, quadruped to the winged being that we are, to undertake the flight and let our unlimited, creative, omnipotent, omniscient and immortal essence manifest itself with all its splendor.

Each of our cells keeps the memory of the entire evolution of Life, from the first single-celled being to the human being: fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, quadruped mammals, bipeds and finally the human being.

In a moment of evolution we were also birds and we kept the memory in our body, in our cells.

The clavicles are the keys of our wings and are directly attached to the sternum. The sternum is our Excalibur planted in our Pericardium, which, by force of forgetting who we are, has hardened like a stone imprisoning the tip of Excalibur in its retraction.

CLAVICULA : key of our wings.

OMOPLATO : "homo plate", the horizontal man, on all fours.

SCAPULA : Ala, which allows us to "escape".

The scapular waist is directly attached to the sternum and the sternum to the Pericardium through the upper and lower sterno-pericardial ligaments.

Among the sternum and the Pericardium is the Thymus that keeps the memory of who we are, our identity and our mission on Earth.

The TIMO is our tim n and who guides us and guides us in our way of Life, is our navigator .

For centuries, the human being has been interested in the body, its functioning, its forms, its functions, its pathologies.

Time ago it was rather the Soul that worried him.

Ultimately it is the functioning of the brain who has taken the whole place, the absolute prominence and as we do not understand it, we call it in a thousand different ways: psyche, mental, spirit, ego, consciousness, thought, intellect, . .

It is difficult for me to distinguish between so many names, who is who and what does each one do. Among Psychology, Metaphysics, Physics, Quantum Physics, Animism, Spirituality, Esotericism, Energy, Theology, . A complicated mess ..!

What if everything were much easier? So easy that we could all understand? Since this truth is not more than the expression of who we are.

How can we not know WHAT WE ARE? or WHO ARE WE?

We spend most of our lives looking for ourselves, doing personal work, fighting diseases with all kinds of therapies, of weapons, of tea. Techniques, looking for medicines that cure us.


What does Medicine mean?

THE MEDI-CI-NA is the mediator that is in our heart and brings together the three parts of my being:

head, sex and heart.

Body, soul and spirit.

Heaven, Earth and my being, to the universe.

This privileged place is found in our PERICARD that surrounds and protects the heart and carries the seed that keeps the memory and information of who we are, and what is our mission on Earth.

We incarnate in this Earth Paradise, all children of EVA / Life and ADAN the DNA / Spirit, which gives the information to the Soul / Life from which body she will create.

Incarnating we forget our true essence and become Ca ny

Abel, the body and soul that separate, fight and destroy each other.

The duality, the separation. The heart and the head are also separated. In the forgetfulness of who we are, the original Paradise has been transformed into a Stop or a Parody, increasingly difficult to understand and above all to enjoy.

The moment has come to unmask this dramatic and meaningless theater to see behind him the comedy, COME-DIA as God and be able to enjoy and laugh, to heal divinely. !


It is time to RE-COR-DAR (reconnect with what gives the heart) who we really are, so that Life vibrates again in us and that the fire of our essence THE SPIRIT radiates through us.

Let us release our PERICARD since it is the door and the guardian of our Heart, and keep inside it the seed that contains the memory of who we are


There cannot be a body without the soul creating it,

The Soul needs the information of the spirit to know what body it will create.

May our divinity manifest NOW…!

and may our spirit shine again in our chest.

Montserrat Gascón

Who is Montserrat Gascón?

I AM pure energy that matter experiences here on Earth, thanks to this body called Montserrat.

How did I get to the Pericardium?

Since I was little I always wanted to understand the meaning of what "hopelessly"

We call LIFE :

- Life is like that and nothing can be done.

- They're life's things….

To find a clear answer, I studied a lot: teaching, nursing, four years of medicine, faculty of morphosychology, neurology, osteopathy, ... and more than thirty years of experience working in hospitals and clinics in different countries of the world.

I studied a lot and lived much more, experiencing every situation in my life with passion and depth to understand the meaning of my experiences and my learning.

My children Oriol, Marc and Nina have been and are lights in my path, which have allowed me to see my nobility in their eyes, my discomfort in their illnesses, my freedom in their smiles, my responsibility in their autonomy and my lightness in their decisions .

With them I have understood that «my children are not my children», they are children of their own Soul, that is, of Life, di-wines. That they have their own path that goes beyond mine and my desires. That they chose us to incarnate and be able to carry out their mission on Earth, their way of life.

Thanks to them I also understood that my parents are not my parents, that it is my Soul (that is, I) who has created my body, to experience Life here on earth with him. Integrating these concepts has freed me from the weight of the responsibility of the human family, to be able to respect the path of life of each one, and in this way to be able to recognize the vibration of my Soul family, of the divine linage, (which so often it has nothing to do with blood ties), without guilt, with respect and with love towards me and others.

Life took me to the Pericardium and in the Pericardium I discovered what Life is.

For more than 15 years I have been studying in depth the relationship between the Pericardium and emotions, which has allowed me to develop Cellular Bioenergetic Osteopathy, based on the "feeling" of the Life movement, recognize it, accompany it, respect it and release it, to May Life find its expansion, that is HEALTH .

I did not find the retraction of the Pericardium in the books, I have lived it so many times in my own heart, that with knowledge of cause I could write my first book:


A simple and clear book to understand how emotional impact works at the cellular level and why the Pericardium is the main gateway of emotions and specific place of re-union of the body, soul and spirit.

To be able to name in a fair and simple way the spiritual concepts, was for me a giant step in the understanding of the Being, of beings, of ALL living beings and of LIFE. Thanks to this, my second book was born:


A Life manual, a deep and entertaining novel to understand what Life is, why

we get sick and how to recover health .

An editorial jewel made by hand with natural paper and much Love. A limited self-publishing.

The book contains a DVD with original music and animations and a guided meditation to free yourself from the Pericardium.

On the DVD Ima Sanchís interviews me to clarify four essential questions:

- What is life?

- How does it work?

- About us?

- What have we come to do to this world?

For more information about courses, conferences, treatments and how to acquire books:


The Granollers Consultation: 93 861 3600

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