15 rules to think correctly, by Master Djwhal Khul

The need to think clearly and eliminate idle, destructive and negative thoughts increases as you progress along the way. Djwal Khul offers us a follow-up of 15 clear and simple rules, which are a sure guide to the truth, for anyone who is willing to be a child again. Some are expressed in symbolic form, others in veiled form and others explain the truth as it is:

1. Observe the world of thought and separate the false from the true.
2. Learn the meaning of the illusion, and in its center locate the golden cord of truth.
3. Control your emotional body, since its swell prevents sunlight from passing through and makes all plans useless.
4. Discover that you have a mind and learn its dual use.
5. Concentrate the thinking principle and be the master of your mental world.
6. Learn that the thinker and the thought and what constitutes the means of thought are diverse in nature, and yet one in the ultimate reality.
7. Act as the thinker and learn that it is not right to prostitute your thoughts in the vile separatist desire.
8. The energy of thought is for the good of all and for the help of God's Plan. Therefore do not use it for selfish purposes.
9. Before a mental form is constructed by thought3ti, visualize its purpose, secure its goal and verify its motive.
10. The path of conscious construction is not yet the goal. The work of cleaning the atmosphere of thought, forever closing the doors to hatred, pain, fear, jealousy and low desires, must precede conscious construction work. Take care of your aura, oh walker of the path.
11. Watch carefully the portals of thought. Beware of desire. Eliminate all fear, all hate, all greed. Look outside and above.
12. Because your life is mainly centered on the concrete life plane, your words and your language indicate your thinking. Pay these careful attention.
13. Words are of three types. Vain words will produce their effect each. If they are good and kind, nothing needs to be done. Otherwise the payment of the price will not take long. Selfish words, issued with great intention, build a wall of separation. Long time requires the destruction of that wall to release the accumulated selfish purpose. Reflect on your mobile and try to use those words that fuse your little life with the great purpose of God's will. The word of hate, the cruel expression that ruins those who feel their spell, the poisonous talk that goes from mouth to mouth because it causes an emotion, kill the soul's flickering impulses, cut the roots of life and bring death. If they are pronounced in the light of day, they will bring just retribution; told and recorded as lies, reinforce that illusory world in which the speaker lives, and stop his release. If they are pronounced with the intention of hurting, harming and killing, they return to the one who has issued them and hurt and kill them.
14. Vain, selfish, cruel and hateful thoughts, expressed in words, produce a prison, poison all sources of life, cause disease and cause disasters and delay. Consequently, be kind, kind and good, within your means. Keep silent and the light will enter you.
15. Do not talk about yourself. Do not pity your luck. The thoughts of the ego and your lower destiny prevent the inner voice of your own soul from ringing in your ear. Talk about the soul; try to explain yourself about the plan; forget yourself building for the world. Thus the law of form is neutralized. Thus the law of love can enter the world.

"Treaty on White Magic"

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