13 Pulses (12 +1) Syrian Channel Light: Sirius Solar Disk

  • 2011

By Chelangelo, Grupo ASH RA, 12/19/2012
Light family,
Specifying the task of lightworkers, 13 lunar cycles for light on the planet from the Syrian Light Channel will begin. The Sirio Luz channel, is a threshold of connection of two universes and transmits from the plane of the One (God), all emanation of the spirit. The essence of who we are has been transmitted from the point of Light of this channel.

When we began the ceremonies of the Void and Silence, on 10.10.10, we were informed and transmitted that the Sirian Light channel had been connected to every consciousness that inhabits this planet, so that each being could from his Will and free will, establish reconnection with its unified essence.

This task entrusted from our memory of Lemuria, marks the 7 levels of consciousness, establishing the new codes for the new Age. Each level of consciousness is an evolutionary program that entails the integration of the unified memory established in all the codes of the DNA, they are received from the energy centers of each being and they are transmitted from the vibrational fields where they are founded. That is, subtle planes of existence of your higher self. But it is very important to understand that the spirit does not evolve, but transcends. Our genetics, mind and consciousness, promote through the accumulated experiences in the planes of existence new evolutionary levels for all the species inserted in the universe.

From the Unified Center, beyond the Land of the Ones (I Am) and through the Sirio Luz channel, the following message has been transmitted:
Since ancient times, when the creation of souls began and they were scattered throughout the universe. The integrated consciences undertook a task of love and unity to achieve wisdom through the will of each seed, to establish unification with the ALL through experience in SEPARATION. This gave rise to different evolutionary programs, from the ancestral bearers of divine wisdom that founded on Earth the colonies of light integrated into every plane of existence, to the last program established since the fall of the consciousness of the Human being (religions ). Each one of them was marked by Solar, galactic, cosmic and Universal cycles.

In these times, a galactic cycle is concluded that marks the transfer from one era to another and denotes the culmination and transformation of programs (religions) and design patterns implanted in the mind (thought creations). Each cycle that ends gives way to recalibration from the Unified Center through systems established by the Divine plan. The current system that has entered into force is the Sun System, which regulates the balance of all Solar, Star, Interstellar, Galactic, Cosmic and Universal systems.
A cosmic cycle executes the evolutionary plan of a group of Galaxies sustained by the unified consciousness that constitutes them. Ours is entering this process of Cosmic alignment. This goes beyond what you can understand from your human consciousness. But at the same time it is aligning with an even greater cycle that we will enter in the next centuries or millennia. A cycle of transcendence and not of evolution, for this reason the unification and integration from your essence is so important, to complete you in the One that you are. From the less evolved perspective of your 3rd Dimension, establish your own connection and recognition of your being. There is no external choice, only the souls who voluntarily so choose. This Universal cycle that aligns all the creation manifested from the Pre-eminent Consciousness and Thoughts, will allow the seeds of Souls to transcend to the Creator's Land.

• Solar Cycle: 365 days.
• Galactic Cycle: 25, 920 Solar cycles = 12 evolution cycles = 12 Eras (Last Era 2160 years, under the evolutionary program of religions).
• Cosmic Cycle: 12 Galactic cycles = 311.040 Solar cycles = Fertilization of the seeds of Souls on Earth (Duration of the Evolutionary Program).
• Universal Cycle: 144 Cosmic cycles = 1728 Galactic cycles = 44, 789, 760 Solar cycles. Start of the Solar System, Earth's fertility time (multi-race evolution cycles).
• Creation Cycle: 360 Universal cycles = 16, 124, 313, 600 Solar cycles, years of the Creation cycle.

The above-mentioned calculation represents the cycles in Earth time, it is for a Universe and in Creation there are 1800 Universes that undertook these cycles, under an Operative order (order of execution of the divine plan). If you take each of the resulting figures and add all the digits you will see that the result is 9 and represents the Order of existence for Creation.

This unique unprecedented cycle has only been reached by the consciences whose experiences have achieved an evolution transcending Unification through the Syrian Light Channel. The White Brotherhood of the Land of the Ones, are beings that have reached this evolutionary degree and have been allowed to transcend the Land of the One. In these present times and under the alignment of the cycles of Creation (as an ALL), it has been allowed under the divine plan who administers the process of the seeds of the Soul and with the assistance of the RA Order (Systems of the Suns), connect transversely to all dimensions in an Age of Light known as the Golden Age. This will allow the Seeds of Souls through their experiences, knowledge, wisdom, will and above all LOVE, to reach a connection with their various YO scattered throughout the operating system Den of Creation (Any order that allows the divine plan to be executed).

Sirius Solar Disk

This 2012, date of transfer from one Galactic cycle to another. It is being encoded with the Solar Disks delivered in Lemuria (corresponding to a Cosmic Cycle). These discs composed of 13 seals (12 + 1), have been delivered in Lake Titikaka, in the Temple of the Sun of the Golden City of El Dorado, under the assistance of the 12 Priests of the Temple, the RA Order (composed for all the temples of the Sun on Earth) and the White Brotherhood, were transmitted with the programming of the new Age and each of them represents the 12 Galactic cycles of a Cosmic Age.

Activation of the SIRIO LUZ Channel Seals
Therefore, in the Gregorian calendar (whether we like it or not, it is the ruler of the current time and we must change to the natural cycle), an activation of the 12 Sirian seals will be carried out to end 12.12. 12 and activate on December 21, 2012 at Lake Titikaka, the Solar disk of the Sirio Luz Channel. Every 12 of each month, at 12 AM, where you are alone or with your work group you can perform this activation work.

The indications will be delivered step by step, in a timely manner and the stamps will be delivered month by month.
Time and space are an illusion which we must also modify. To do this, we ask that in your personal or group experience you physically or eternally address the space coordinates:
or Lake Titikaka, temple of the Sun. You will ask for authorization from the guardians of the Lake and the Priests of the temple to enter. Visualize the Solar Disk of Sirius and Activate from your being the energy of the corresponding seal.
Each seal represents an evolutionary program and is activated from phonetics and visualization.
As much as you do it in a group, the work is done on Lake Titikaka.
The stamps will be published on the web:, the first days of each month.
If you want to join this beautiful mission, you just have to feel like doing it on the 12th of each month at 12 PM, in your place and moving to the aforementioned coordinates.
A guided meditation will be delivered to carry out the experience and activation. .
From the point of Light of your essence, we open our hearts to universal love so that it is scattered in the consciousnesses that inhabit this planet.
Atrain titreh! Atrain titreh! Atrain titreh!
Aj hi niva seloma!
ASH RA Group

2nd release:
By Chelangelo, Grupo ASH RA, 12/29/2012
… A brief review:
Last October, a group of Light workers, we were called to this work. Without knowing why or why we should travel, we delivered the invitation to those who had participated in the Ceremony of the Void and Silence of 10.10.10. One of the indications in the invitation offered by our Friends of Light, was that we would be 7 people. Without doubting that and already confirmed the 7 members who, under their own will agreed, we formed this working group. Days before departure, we were only asked that from that moment we were under the will of the Divine Plan and that we should only follow the instructions that they would give us.

Under a synchrony in everything scheduled, we met at Lake Titikaka and immediately, we felt the call to attend a meeting with our friends, but for this we had to understand several things attached, such as the reason for our visit and what was The intention of so much sacrifice to arrive. Each moment was accompanied by codes delivered by our Simael Guide, of the White Brotherhood, who accompanied us throughout the trip and to whom we thank all their trust, patience, humility, wisdom and love.

Under the parameters delivered, we followed the indications and moved forward without knowing the direction. Only our will before so many gifts received, transported us to dimensional frequencies in Lake Titikaka. We could not find earthly answers and that is how we started this work.

After the first vibrational contact, we were introducing ourselves to the guardians of the Lake and Sentinels, to whom we asked for authorization to what they answered ... "they are waiting for you". Even without knowing what would come, we continue to move forward with a force and energy of gratitude in each action.

At the start of one of the entrusted ceremonies, we observed the opening of portals in front of Lake Titikaka and we were authorized, as a group, to enter the Ceremony in the Temple of the Sun, The Golden Pyramid of the Lemurian ancestors, as a group. which was guarded by the White Brotherhood, the RA Order and Angelic Beings from the Sirio Luz Channel, in the etheric city of El Dorado (for its radiance). It was then that some Beings of Light approached, called the gods or monks of the Temple of the Sun, being authorized to enter the circle of the ancestors, and we were entrusted with this task.

The Lemuria Solar Disk was manifested, which has worked with each corresponding evolutionary cycle. This Solar Disc, is in the custody of Mother Earth GAIA and the guardians of the disk, the twelve monks of the Temple of the Sun and only manifests in the Pyramid Temple of the Sun of Lake Titikaka.

In the Temple of the Sun, the 12 solar seals that will reactivate the Solar Disk of Lake Titikaka were delivered. When we were given tremendous responsibility, we understood the entire trip, waiting for indications of the task to follow. The next day on the shores of the Lake, in front of the open portal behind us, we were invited to witness a Ceremony. The anchoring of the Solar Seals delivered from the Sirio LUZ Canal.

This act, was observed by multitudes of beings that surrounded a great golden pyramid, like gold, whose sparkles penetrated all matter around, allowing to maintain an unequaled vibrational subtlety. At the apex of the pyramid, on its axis, there were openings to the 4 faces, and as we approached we could pay attention to the magnitude of it. Escorted from outside, we were able to reach one of the openings and enter. We were already inside the pyramid, surrounded by 12 monks or Priests of the Temple of the Sun, further back a second circle with 24 Brothers of Light, representing the White Brotherhood and a third circle of beings from all over the Planet and the Universe, representing the RA Order, beings of the Sun.

When we entered, each of us took his place as if we had always known. From the center of the altar, we observe how a 20-meter disk rose under our feet. in diameter with the seals of Lemuria and each of us stood at one of the 6 points of the central star. Upon delivering the seals to the SIRIO LUZ channel, a pillar of light anchored us and began to radiate flashes of unimaginable colors. After a few seconds, the Sirius Solar Disk is manifested with the 12 seals and a central seal. We were between the 2 disks as connectors of both, the energy flowed through us as high-voltage cables, until the energy merged.
These codes of Light, 12 + 1, are the work to be done month by month. They have to make themselves known, regardless of names or who did. This is why we have omitted many details that touch each of the attendees personally. We believe that work is more important than personal experience and, just like what happened in the Temple, we ask to maintain the anonymity of those who worked in the ceremony.

The current 2012 cycle marks an event beyond a Galactic cycle. On this occasion, we face an event of race and evolution. The opening of a Cosmic cycle of 311.040, Solar cycles. At the beginning of this cycle, about 311, 040 years ago of our evolutionary history, from the land of Lemuria under the guidance of Divine Power, the search for knowledge and experimentation of the seeds of the soul was allowed through mercy. Under the care of the celestial power directed from the Pre-eminent consciousness (God), 12 evolutionary codes were delivered to achieve, under cyclic programs, the expansion and ascension of consciousness towards the root source from which we came.

Solar Seal of Lemuria.

Guide to perform the ceremony of the 13 pulses of Sirius:
1. Prepare a physical space in stillness and harmony, feeling totally safe in the time this experience lasts.
2. Center your being in a coordinate of time and space, recognize the eternal present. Manifestating the here as the only precedent to this meditation.
3. Ask Mother Earth GAIA to consecrate your space and invoke the presence of the 4 elements. According to scheme.
(Excerpt from the ASH RA Manual, Vol. 3 chapter: Construction of the sacred space)

Sacred Space Construction
to. Consecration of space

This sacred space was shown to me in visions that allowed me to remember who I am. Our energy links transcend beyond time and I have proved that it is possible to remember by entering you in your unified field, as a point of harmonic convergence. By experiencing this transfer of consciousness to other hierarchical and parallel dimensions, clear and precise vision is granted in order to deliver the importance of the energetic temples that had risen in ancient times.
Each one of them presented the pure and saturated convergence in the morphological plane of vibration, which was directly linked to the unified field of our mother GAIA. By understanding that she also represents a totality, (being) is connected with different states of consciousness. Therefore, these points of harmonic convergence can be morphologically constructed, in this plane, as the representation of approximation of the desired energy or vibration.

By understanding the precision that this work represents in the morphological plane, it becomes difficult to construct due to the dogmatic and economic requirements that are needed to build them. In this way we will go through the domestic and everyday path to explain it in a simpler way and applicable to our reality.

The first step: It is the purification and consecration of the place through the works of spatial cleaning, with decrees, incenses, aromas and fragrances that fit your emotional, mental and physical balance.

Second step: The invocation. The connection is so strong that the invocation is dictated by the avataric master that we are, and it is connected directly with the higher consciousnesses of the Beings of Light.

For the consecration of space, a container is needed that is granted by the forces of nature as children of creation. The elements with all their characteristics represent the perfect, harmonic container to be filled with pure light of creative essence (the fifth essence).

Through these steps, which you can repeat to consecrate your own, you will see how within it he will increase the flow of energy, constantly, through the field of action of your conscience.

Figure 1 shows the combination of the elements to give way to the forms, but there is an element called the th fifth element, which is formed by the essence of the universal principle of vibration n. In figure 2, it is shown how the vibration is expressed under three forces that flow in the creation and are in perfect balance represented by the equilateral triangle. Figure 3 is the expression of what is called ELOHIM or GOD, which represents a creator.

4. Once consecrated, ask to connect the force of the 4 elements through your column of fire or kundalinni, according to the guide meditation.
5. Connect with the matrix of your Higher Self, activating all the structures of light, coming from the Power Source. Here, the fusion of your light body is performed.
6. Expand your body of light as if it were a sphere that envelops your whole being.
7. Allow this ascent vehicle to open the SIRIO LUZ Channel through your heart.
8. Deliver the coordinates of time and space and allow your Higher Self to guide you and move you to the geographical point mentioned.
9. In the presence of the Guardians and Sentinels of Lake Titikaka, you will say:
to. I am ... I appear before the Light as a worker and ask for authorization to witness and activate the Solar Seal .. (whichever corresponds). I ask to be sustained and I merge in Totality with my brothers of Light.
Stop there a few seconds and see how you are escorted to the Temple of the Sun.
10. When you are in the Temple of the Sun, remember the solemn ceremony, therefore you must give it the respect it deserves. Stay in the assigned place and repeat the code assigned 12 times for that occasion. When you're done, keep quiet and wait a few moments again. To the servants under the Divine Plan of the pendulum law, giving is also receiving. So, enjoy every gift that will be delivered to you.
Without expecting anything in return. You just receive and thank.
11. To withdraw from the Place, wait for the assistance of your guides. Or as indicated by the guide recording.
12. Bring your attention to the coordinates where you started the meditation and ask to integrate 100% with your physical, mental and emotional body.
13. Be grateful for the work done and thank all the Lightworkers of the Temple for all the experience.
14. Get into your everyday space and start moving very smoothly until you are sure.
15. Ask to seal in Light, all work done under the purpose of the Divine Plan.
16. Thank you!

Sirius Solar Disk, SIRIO LUZ Channel.

The power centered on the Solar Order.
Time and space: January 12, at 12 noon. P.M.
Location: Lake Titikaka, Temple of the Sun
The system of the Suns, who are responsible for the balance of each of the operational systems of Creation, emits under the Divine Order, pulses of energies that balance and reorder the vibrations of each planetary sensory spore. They act under a single transverse guideline to all consciousness and dimensional planes of existence. Its hierarchy allows linking between Planetary Systems, Star Systems, Interstellar Systems, Galactic Systems, Cosmic Systems, Universal Systems and Creation Systems.
At present, our Sun is in this phase of recalibration and adjustment with the other corresponding systems. Our thoughts emit vibrations, which create a vibrational field around our planet, which are captured by the Sun and from there to all existing systems. This process is mentioned as sensory spores.
When the Suns or Sun Systems are aligned or calibrated, the energy flows allow vibrational approval, opening or allowing the transfer of enveloping membranes containing dimensions. That is to say, the light flows in all the planes of existence of the created. The only limit is given by the awareness that you have acquired or how conscious you are.
When we ask the power (NIVA) of the Solar Order (BARAK) to be centered (TUZA), we are manifesting our axis of light as an alignment towards the larger structure called the Universal Matrix.
The sounds are guttural and one way to transcribe them is this, they have no literal meaning, there are matrix sounds and connecting sounds. This way this code has been reached.
OJ, it is the source connector and therein lies the CENTRAL POWER.
The pronunciation would be OJNIV BARAKTUZÁ and must be repeated 12 times inside the pyramid of the Sun temple.
The center sphere represents the Source. As the universe functions as a fractal, the order is governed under No. 6, morphologically the hexagon, which represents the 7 cosmic fires, ordinance of 6 + 1 for everything manifested in the Universe of Light. One of the spheres is transformed into a drop, which represents the connection with the cycle.
The figure as a drop is the representation of the SIRIO LUZ CHANNEL.

Seal display.

More information:
We infinitely appreciate all manifestations of harmony and peace in this regard.
From our being, we embrace each heart driven by Light and love.
Atrain Titreh! Atrain Titreh! Atrain Titreh!
Aj hi Niva Seloma.
ASH RA Group.

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