10 tips for spiritual growth

  • 2016

Spiritual growth is a process of detachment from our erroneous and unreal concepts, beliefs, thoughts and ideas, and increasingly aware of our inner being. This process discovers the inner spirit that is always present, but hides beyond the ego that reflects our personality.

This is a process of inner awakening and awareness of our inner being. This means that the increase in consciousness goes beyond ordinary existence and the awakening of some universal truths. It also means going beyond the mind and the ego and realizing who you really are.

Spiritual development is of great importance for all people, it is the basis for a better and more harmonious life for all, a life free of tension, fear and anxiety . It helps us learn not to let circumstances influence our inner being and mood. Manifesting composure and detachment, makes us develop inner power and strength, which are very useful and important tools to make us feel and always act in different and favorable ways.

Spiritual growth is not a means to escape responsibilities, strangely and become an impractical person. It is a procedure for growth and becoming a stronger, happier and more responsible person.

A balanced life requires that we deal not only with the needs of the body, the feelings and the mind, but also with the spirit, and this is the main and primary role of spiritual growth .

Meet the 10 tips for spiritual growth

1- Read spiritual and edifying books. Think about what is read, and find out how you can use that information in your life .

2- You must do meditation exercises every day for at least 15 minutes . If you have no experience in this area, you can easily find books, websites or teachers that can teach you about meditation.

3- Learn to make your mind calm through concentration exercises and meditation.

4- Recognize the fact that you are a spirit with a physical body, not a physical body with a spirit. If you really feel that you really access these ideas, you will modify your attitude towards many things in your life.

5- Look often in yourself and in your mind, and try to find out what makes you feel conscious and alive.

6- Think positive . If you find yourself thinking negatively, immediately switch to positive thoughts. Being in control of what comes into your mind, opens the doors for positive thoughts and closes the doors to negative thoughts.

7- Develop the habit of happiness, always looking for the bright side of life and trying to be happy. Happiness comes from within . Don't let your external circumstances decide your happiness for you.

8- The practice of these exercises often give you willpower and the ability to make decisions. This strengthens you and gives you control over your mind.

9- Always thank the Universe for everything you get.

10- Develop tolerance, patience, touch and consideration towards others.

Spiritual growth It is everyone's heritage. It is the key to a life of happiness and tranquility, and the one that manifests the enormous power of the inner spirit.

The spirit is equally present in the person, most of the material. The level of the manifestation of spirituality depends on how far the inner spirit is near the surface, and how much it is hidden by our negative thoughts, beliefs and habits.

AUTHOR: JoT333, editor of the great family of hermandadblanca.org

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